Disclaimer: the observations conveyed in this article are the expressed views of this somewhat dogmatic and thoroughly Judeo-Christian author. Should you comment to the negative after reading, I would not be terribly disappointed, but may promptly make a funny scowling face and pray for you, perhaps in tongues.  



Do Extraterrestrials exist, and if they do, why would a highly advanced alien race, race to our galactic backwater little planet, to doodle in cornfields and probe the nether regions of some country bumpkin’s rear-end? I don’t know, call me naïve, narrow-minded, even cynical, but come on, really? I’ve done a lot of traveling in my life, to several countries and states in our own nation and never once saw a UFO or ‘otherworldly being,’ not even when I was a heavy drinking, carousing lost sinner, although, I do have my suspicions about Lady Gaga and Dennis Rodman, just to name a few. 

Why are we being force-fed all this extraterrestrial/UFO crap lately? So much is being pushed at us by Hollywood and the media, that I get the idea someone or something is trying to effect a delusion in an effort to convince us that there is, ‘something,’ or ‘someone’ out there other than a sovereign  God. Now don’t get me wrong, I do believe that our creator could possibly have created other beings in this vast universe, but of what real importance is that to us presently?

I’m reminded of the saying, “Don’t be so heavenly minded, that you end up being no earthly good.” It just seems like many people now days are confused, with thoughts whirling as if, they are in a perpetual spin cycle, you know what I mean? Plant your feet, look up at that vastness of space, and believe there is a GOD who loves you!

The media industry and its technology is so pervasive today that you can literally be anywhere on the planet and be informed of what is happening elsewhere on earth, the Bible has predicted this.  Even the Aborigines in the deep outback of Australia have gone from drawing in the sand, to satellite service, but I digress, back to the alien thing.

Just look at all of the ‘alien invasion’ movies that have been released in just the last few years and the numerous UFO sightings from all over the world and it really does seem, at least in my humble opinion, that a massive wool cloak is being pulled over the world’s eyes, in a manner of speaking.

So, what’s my point? Well, I believe, that as the return of Christ draws near, the enemy of God and Christ, namely Satan, is pulling out all of the stops. The great deceiver is Hell bent to delude mankind as Christ’s return for His believers nears.

Yes, I am a ‘pre-tribulationist’ and I do believe that ALL in Christ, His true and faithful, His church, will be taken up to be with him in the sky, just as it reads in scripture, not into some ‘mother ship’ from a far-off constellation . I have always been involved in the Christian church, was christened as an infant in the Catholic Church and as I grew up, I was a member of several different Christian denominations manly because of my mother’s spiritual indecisiveness. Later, as a young man, when I really understood salvation, I became a ‘born-again’ Christian, not a ‘holier than thou, turn or burn screamer’ mind you, but just a ‘redeemed by the blood of Christ believer.’ I have undergone a great spiritual transformation in the past few years; I have forsaken the sinful things that once separated me from God’s grace and providence. I now face life with the spiritual strength and endurance, in a sense, of a marathon runner. Though I am tempted and slip now and then, conviction draws me back to my feet, and hope in God’s promises make me stronger, enabling me to continue.   

I mean this sincerely; do not rely on this world and its transient manmade wisdom, pick up the Holy Bible, read it, and profess the God who spoke all things into existence, and His son Christ Jesus, the savior of humanity, sacrificed for our sins.

Thousands of years from now, I hope to know many of you who perhaps read this article, as we live perfect lives and marvel at the wonders and blessings together in, His eternal kingdom.

Now watch the video and be entertained.


©Michael J. Donnelly 2011

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