In a mountain meadow centuries ago,
Lycans and vampires gathered for a fierce fight,
A dark conflict took place under full moon’s glow,
To determine just which race would rule the night.

Winged vampires circled with their talons full bear,
Tension was so thick you could cut it with blade
As countless hulking beasts snarled into cold air,
Both sides signaled fury as they loudly bayed.

Then came the moment when leaders gave the call,
The first wave clashed in an immense crimson cloud!
So it began, an earth shaking bloody brawl!
Sharp claws and fangs slashed as their cries echoed loud!

The hellish beasts raged slinging body parts high!
Winged ones barrel rolled, diving into the fray!
As a baleful red moon rose high into sky,
Each fixed on a target, determined to slay!

Blood created mud; iron stench filled the air,
Long into the night these creatures clawed and scratched,
Rival kings viewed the fierce battle with cold stare,
There were scores on each side horribly dispatched.

Hundreds fell; many more were mutilated,
As bloodlust continued till just before day,
This scene from hell that looked to be ill fated,
Suddenly ended as; they all ran away.

Copyright Michael J. Donnelly 2016

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