The monitor chirped an eerie refrain,
Echoing through the dim hospital room,
There was a morphine drip to dull the pain
Of an impending insidious doom.

An elderly man tried to stay awake
Desperately wanting to cling to life,
In his hand he held a precious keepsake;
Rosary beads from his now long dead wife.

He contemplated his life full of sin
As he sensed that his time was drawing near,
The foul things he’d done, the places he’d been,
He dreaded the end with a guilty fear.

He believed in God, but was never close
Not like his wife who had passed long ago,
As the morphine pump gave another dose,
He felt his troubled spirit sinking low.

Everyone he called family or friend
Turned their backs because of his Godless ways,
He was truly alone facing the end,
He wished he could right the wrongs of his days.

The old man recalled what his wife once said,
“You’re never alone, God is always there,”
But he feared the end with terrible dread,
Lying there alone with no one to care.

So with little remaining strength he had
He lifted his shaking hands and did pray,
“Please forgive me God for a life lived bad,
For all of the sin, for years thrown away.”

“I believe that you Jesus, died for me,
That you are the true living Son of God,
I give you my heart and honestly plea
For your forgiveness and approving nod.”

Closing tear-filled eyes he let out a breath,
He reached for the light and began to cry,
Assured of forgiveness he welcomed death;
As he journeyed to the sweet by and by.

Copyright Michael J. Donnelly 2016

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