As children, we sat around bonfires telling

ghost stories, our screams drifted

and lifted glowing embers

that much higher


we fashioned bows and arrows, climbed

oak trees to dizzying heights

scrapped our knees, felt the angst

of puppy-love…


a dizzying journey from there to here

stumbling countless leagues, scars and heartaches

are badges and sagas, I’m a bit worse for wear

a tad greyer for opening heavy doors and

bravely stepping across thresholds, no less a man for

steering through the raging oceans of tears

and correcting my course


off the six-lane highway onto the path

less trod, following the

still-small voice

so calming

like somber autumn’s

meditative verse.


I’ve looked back at myself in dream

in a mirror, I saw my youthful

inquisitive summer face

and behind me was;

the present me


looking up and smiling, reaching for the stars

wearing wisdom like a humble sage, glad

to see the Creator’s approving nod.

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