The heavens flashed and the earth it did shake
as winged beneficent beings appeared,
their countenance shown brighter than the sun
as they blew trumpets announcing The Lord.“Oh, people of earth your judgment is nigh!
For the time of reckoning has arrived,
your recompense will be justly given
and His faithful pure of heart He will take!”

As cinders ascending from a great fire,
in a flash the justified souls were gone,
the earth was enveloped by a black cloud
as blood-red moon cast a macabre glow.

There was gnashing of teeth preceding war,
which ravaged the earth like great locust plague
and as great unseen gates of Hell swung wide,
from the darkest of dark the horrors leapt.

Hieronymus Bosch had no such nightmare
and nor did Dante conceive of such woe,
for chaos did reign as day became night,
as cries of the wicked made demons laugh.

“Oh, sorrow of sorrows comfort we’ve not?
For we cannot die, and death is but dream.”

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