We are all the results of sweat
moans and carnal canticles whispered
or screamed

we are carried with anguish and
measured sighs, as miracles stitched together
in amniotic silence

then comes reckoning of reality
the ripping apart of solitude and we are
pulled into the fray

full-on we march as if chided by
impatient fate
a brash cigar smoking drill Sargent
screaming obscenities, “move your god-damned ass
or you’ll amount to nothing!”

Then we stumble and wallow like hogs in that pit
called love, stinking of it, covered
we lay in the sun
until the miasmic mire
dries and cracks

life is an abusive uncle who drank too much a
stark-raving mad school teacher that
could not impress their
paternal warden

and then comes heartache with the vengeance of
a bad Tijuana taco chased with stale beer
making your guts grumble
and your ass burn

I have found another lover, a sneering playful vixen who
whispers in my ear the dirty thoughts that
no sailor ever dreamt, the sage
dictions of bards drunk
on absinthe

she is my muse, and I love her
like an opium addict
clinching a pipe.

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