Category: Poetry


Neath September’s Gold

September leaves vie for attention of sensitive souls and standing solemn are the Paper birch, black spruce and mountain alder, before taunting winds, with a swansong of sorts, there will be whispered canticles, as well, dreams will be filled with visions of spring and life anew. Copyright Michael J. Donnelly 2016

Amongst The Gentle Rustling

I whisper my innermost desires
to ochre leaves flittering…


Like deer at ease resting without a fear; Content hearts beat syncopated in time, Your voice, a soft breeze, I can barely hear, As you, whisper a rapt pleasure divine.   As falcons entwine, we climb just to fall, With fervent cries heard just as far and wide, Our souls embrace, to heed a higher call, As oblivious, back to earth we glide.   … Read More Languor