Neath September’s Gold

September leaves vie
for attention of sensitive souls
and standing solemn are
the Paper birch, black spruce and
mountain alder, before taunting winds,
with a swansong of sorts,
there will be whispered canticles,
as well, dreams will be filled
with visions of spring
and life anew.

Copyright Michael J. Donnelly 2016

Amongst The Gentle Rustling


I whisper my innermost desires
to ochre leaves flittering, to the gloomy character
of fall’s advent blowing with
cold-steel indifference,
each steaming breath
is unhurried and

Seasons are prefigured with
ancient mystery and beautiful wisdom released
in the yawn of orchid blooms and
stark gunmetal branches
that stand testament.

Winter’s wraith dances on high, biding time,
stirring clouds with its gray finger.


© Michael Joseph Donnelly, All rights reserved.

My God: first person possessive

Growing up in a small Iowa town, I learned of God seated nervously next to my mother in church on Sunday mornings, cringing in my seat under the animated rhetoric of a red-faced reverend essentially preaching “turn or burn!” My father used God’s name in vain countless times and so I initially thought that ‘God’ was this fearsome deity who’s only intention was to damn those who were rebellious.

I never prayed to Him as a young boy, but I saw my mother do so on many occasions, mostly when she was left alone by my alcoholic father, to raise nine children. We mostly had what we needed but when we had nothing, well, that’s when I heard His name spoken, with crying supplication. This was a turning point for me I think, an ‘ah ha’ moment if you will and my perception of Him changed, for the better as I saw prayers answered and needs met. A kernel of faith was planted I think, the proverbial mustard seed as it were and I am sure, that it was intended that way, to hasten my spiritual growth.

I remember the first time I prayed to Him, as a young man on my own, it was in the military. I was deployed overseas in Korea and had received a Red Cross message one autumn day informing that my father had been admitted to a hospital with severe heart trouble and that he was to undergo surgery very soon. I remember taking a moment by myself in the barracks to soul search. I recalled the hardship he caused us as children, the abuse my saintly mother took. I calmly and plainly asked God to help me to forgive because I knew my flesh could not.

I saw my father; he came through the surgery a little worse for wear. I could see the fear in his eyes, tears reflecting years of regret and in a bold moment, I forgave him. I left him a week later, said goodbye from a taxi as he waved from a wheelchair under the awning in front of that hospital. A few months later I received another Red Cross message but this time it informed of a, ‘death in the family’ and I remember how I whispered under my breath, “Oh God.” My father was found on the floor of his hospital room, he had passed away in the middle of the night from complications, they said.

His funeral was attended by many; relatives I had never known and his own mother who had practically disowned him decades ago. I was touched by the outpouring of genuine sentiments, I did not ask why, I did not question God’s motives, and I had no ill feelings. And so with the faith of Job, I accepted that life changing event. To this day I am convinced that this was the spiritual impetus that shoved me forward, one of many circumstances that drew me closer to Him, to my God.


Like deer at ease resting without a fear;
Content hearts beat syncopated in time,
Your voice, a soft breeze, I can barely hear,
As you, whisper a rapt pleasure divine.
As falcons entwine, we climb just to fall,
With fervent cries heard just as far and wide,
Our souls embrace, to heed a higher call,
As oblivious, back to earth we glide.
The union we share, is wholly unique,
Like an oyster and pearl, in a fashion
Nothing can compare or even critique, 
The way we revel and share our passion.
Lying together, we each give a sigh,
Suspended in love, we float ten feet high.

©Michael J. Donnelly 2011

Invasion of the Soul Snatchers

Disclaimer: the observations conveyed in this article are the expressed views of this somewhat dogmatic and thoroughly Judeo-Christian author. Should you comment to the negative after reading, I would not be terribly disappointed, but may promptly make a funny scowling face and pray for you, perhaps in tongues.  



Do Extraterrestrials exist, and if they do, why would a highly advanced alien race, race to our galactic backwater little planet, to doodle in cornfields and probe the nether regions of some country bumpkin’s rear-end? I don’t know, call me naïve, narrow-minded, even cynical, but come on, really? I’ve done a lot of traveling in my life, to several countries and states in our own nation and never once saw a UFO or ‘otherworldly being,’ not even when I was a heavy drinking, carousing lost sinner, although, I do have my suspicions about Lady Gaga and Dennis Rodman, just to name a few. 

Why are we being force-fed all this extraterrestrial/UFO crap lately? So much is being pushed at us by Hollywood and the media, that I get the idea someone or something is trying to effect a delusion in an effort to convince us that there is, ‘something,’ or ‘someone’ out there other than a sovereign  God. Now don’t get me wrong, I do believe that our creator could possibly have created other beings in this vast universe, but of what real importance is that to us presently?

I’m reminded of the saying, “Don’t be so heavenly minded, that you end up being no earthly good.” It just seems like many people now days are confused, with thoughts whirling as if, they are in a perpetual spin cycle, you know what I mean? Plant your feet, look up at that vastness of space, and believe there is a GOD who loves you!

The media industry and its technology is so pervasive today that you can literally be anywhere on the planet and be informed of what is happening elsewhere on earth, the Bible has predicted this.  Even the Aborigines in the deep outback of Australia have gone from drawing in the sand, to satellite service, but I digress, back to the alien thing.

Just look at all of the ‘alien invasion’ movies that have been released in just the last few years and the numerous UFO sightings from all over the world and it really does seem, at least in my humble opinion, that a massive wool cloak is being pulled over the world’s eyes, in a manner of speaking.

So, what’s my point? Well, I believe, that as the return of Christ draws near, the enemy of God and Christ, namely Satan, is pulling out all of the stops. The great deceiver is Hell bent to delude mankind as Christ’s return for His believers nears.

Yes, I am a ‘pre-tribulationist’ and I do believe that ALL in Christ, His true and faithful, His church, will be taken up to be with him in the sky, just as it reads in scripture, not into some ‘mother ship’ from a far-off constellation . I have always been involved in the Christian church, was christened as an infant in the Catholic Church and as I grew up, I was a member of several different Christian denominations manly because of my mother’s spiritual indecisiveness. Later, as a young man, when I really understood salvation, I became a ‘born-again’ Christian, not a ‘holier than thou, turn or burn screamer’ mind you, but just a ‘redeemed by the blood of Christ believer.’ I have undergone a great spiritual transformation in the past few years; I have forsaken the sinful things that once separated me from God’s grace and providence. I now face life with the spiritual strength and endurance, in a sense, of a marathon runner. Though I am tempted and slip now and then, conviction draws me back to my feet, and hope in God’s promises make me stronger, enabling me to continue.   

I mean this sincerely; do not rely on this world and its transient manmade wisdom, pick up the Holy Bible, read it, and profess the God who spoke all things into existence, and His son Christ Jesus, the savior of humanity, sacrificed for our sins.

Thousands of years from now, I hope to know many of you who perhaps read this article, as we live perfect lives and marvel at the wonders and blessings together in, His eternal kingdom.

Now watch the video and be entertained.


©Michael J. Donnelly 2011

Stuck in the Middle with You

Disclaimer: The following column is the expressed opinion of this cerebral hyperactive author and in nowise associates this site or its precepts to such brainy ranting. ___________________________________________________________

A wise man by the name of James A. LaFond-Lewis once said, “The fearless are merely fearless. People who act in spite of their fear are truly brave.”

There are some philosophers who purport that reality is relative, that it is perfectly normal for us to shape or bend it to fit one’s desires or circumstance. Just peruse through the numerous and I might add, humorous articles on, ‘Phenomenological reality, Ontology, Truth vs. Fact, Realism’ and you will likely be driven to near madness by the eccentric, mind-blowing theories presented.

While clicking through the ‘New Contests’ list recently on my favorite poetry website, ‘AllPoetry.com’ of which I am a member, I decided to checkout a few of the more shall we say, ’avant-garde challenges’ that this typically logical Judeo-Christian mind would otherwise hastily circumvent.

I will admit that while I have strict values and beliefs, I do try to stay tuned in to ‘ALL’ ‘controversial’ or ‘new trends’ or ‘musings’ that waft across  todays literary/poetic realms. Romantic trendy vampires with less than two percent body fat, fashionable werewolves, cliques of young female witches, etcetera, etcetera ad nauseam.    

Surely, life for these individuals is not all that boring that they would slip, or more so dive into a psychosis just to escape stark reality, or is it? In any case, it is clear that the preponderance of these deviant and duplicitous writers seem perfectly happy indulging in these frivolous fictional forays.

Even the book that I happen to read often, The Holy Bible, is thought of as fiction by many, as the stories of miracles and prophecies tend to challenge the ‘spiritually blind and immature’ as I call them. Sadly, not that many are beating down the doors of Christian churches seeking salvation or biblical knowledge, thanks to Hollywood and the media, who largely ridicule Christianity in favor of ‘more trendy religions’ or ‘beliefs’ often espoused by celebrities. 

Now don’t call me holier-than-thou just yet because I am for the most part tolerant of all ‘functional, socially malleable alternative lifestyles’ despite my ‘expressed spiritual beliefs,’ but if I may be so bold, I am compelled to attempt a discourse which is twofold in that; it is meant to convey my hope of eventual, peaceful proselytizing, with willful acceptance, of the ‘spiritually and intellectually misdirected’ but I digress.

Back to poetry and writing, I have, and yet release my muse to entertain ‘thoughts of fancy’ now and again within reason; however I don’t actually allow such fantasies to ‘engulf’ my life. I fully understand how emotional hurts and the lack of social maturity can force the weak or disparaged into ‘alternate realities,’ sometimes practically severing all ties, immersing their souls in something darkly distracting.

To they who wrap themselves in fantasy like a thick comforter, who renounce morals that have served as boundaries for our society, who desert the company of others who hold them dear for fear that ANY challenging human interaction may draw them out beyond a superficial sphere, I say; “Dare to get out of your minds once in a while, and into life.”

I suppose I will garner a bit of wrath from the liberals who prefer to hide in their minds and forsake reality, and to these I say; my intention is not to deride or discourage liberty in any way, but only to plant a seed, in hopes that society would be nudged in the right direction.

Ever heard the saying, “Steel sharpens steel?” Well, there are those of us who have a little knowledge to share, a modicum of care, a capable heart and soul to shed some light on those who live in despair, and we are called, Christians.

So much for ‘self-aggrandizing cyberspace soapbox summations’…that’s my two cents worth.


To my shock, the original word count for this blog was precisely 666 words, until I added an extra word or two and this postscript…spooky huh?

Now watch the video blast from the past, “Stuck in the Middle with You” by, ‘Stealers Wheel’ and be entertained.

©Michael J. Donnelly 2011